Male Strippers and exotic male dancers for birthday and bachelorette parties. Hire a male stripper to your bachelorette party or birthday party, girl’s night out, office party, holiday celebration or any other special event.

Why hire us?

1. Guaranteed to arrive. Our male strippers work in their districts.

There are so many bad testimonials on internet that stripper does not come to your door because he gets more profitable order in his city. Our male strippers and exotic male dancers work in their districts. You are 100 percent protected that they will arrive to your door.

2. Our strip shows are longer than others.

Our male strippers dance with women. If a stripper dances just striptease soon it becomes boring. It does not hive such huge emotions then a stripper ask girl for a dance.

3. Our strippers are trained to dance in partner with a woman.

Our male strippers and exotic dancers are coached to dance in partner with women. They are trained to dance salsa, bachata, club dancing. You will love to dance with them.

4. Our strippers are very nice and professional people.

They are coached to respect clients, smile and act in professional way with you.

5. Our strippers are confident

They are coached how to be confident relaxed and self-amused without any alcohol! They will put out some jokes and you will not see shy boy who does not know what to do.


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    Hi looking for a male stripper for my friend barchellote party we live in bluffton South Carolina

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