Phone number: Administration: +370 610 80 660 (WhatsApp, Viber) (Call if your order is today. If not, answer the questions by e-mail, because we will still need to ask all the information over the phone and it is much more convenient for us to receive the order information by e-mail)

1. Exact date, place. You need to send a Google Maps or Waze navigation link to your location.

2. Will there be free parking? In what kind of place dancer/dancers will need to dance? (Will the apartment, house, party bus, hall, sauna or what? Will be free room for dancer/dancers to change outfit? Will be restroom (WC, bathroom) ?

3. How many people, what gender and at what age will watch the striptease? What is this holiday like? Bachelorette, birthday party, girls night out?

4. How long do you want the dancer/dancers to be with you?

Send answers to (use this email to answer the questions about your order)

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